Breakfast of Champions- the best thing to eat in the morning!

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Conventional wisdom tells us that having a good breakfast sets you up for the day by fuelling the body. Not having enough or skipping breakfast means your setting yourself up for hunger prangs and this will result in consuming more throughout the day than you should. My theory on this differs to conventional wisdom.

Throughout the night you are in a fasted state, using up your glycogen stores. In the morning as soon as you eat your first morsel this process stops. My view is why not maximise this process and keep it going.

I am not saying to never eat breakfast, but experiment by experiencing the changes skipping breakfast will make. You are not like everyone else and maybe the challenge will teach you that eating breakfast isn’t always the best option. If you always ritually eat breakfast then going without the coffee and meal will be challenging, but worthwhile in the long run. Try it for a few days, or a week and see the difference.

Think about when you sleep. Do you wake up in the night with the urge to eat and run to food? No. So, why do you feel hunger first think in the morning? Learned behaviour. We expect food and this triggers signals that make you feel hungry. Missing breakfast breaks the expectations and you realise the need for food diminishes.

Steps to take

1) Drink fluids instead. Have plenty of water or add some spirulina and chlorella if you can and drink. You need water in your body as perspiration and the long period without a drink deprives the body of liquids.

2) Prepare yourself – maybe start eating a little more for you last meal if you find it difficult.

3) on the fast morning, try to eat hold off food as long as possible. Maybe start with a smoothie if you can.

4) Allow a few days to get accustomed to the change.

5) Remember! I’m not saying do this for the rest of your life. Experiment and see how you feel.

Isn’t your cup of tea!

If you are unable to go without breakfast or find this difficult don’t be harsh on yourself. This isn’t a programme. Your not a failure or giving up, be versatile, look for alternatives to help you to get healthy. I would suggest to focus on making breakfast your healthiest meal of the day instead. If I told you leave everything as it was and change only your breakfast then maybe this would be a good compromise. Changing your whole diet overnight really never proves to work in the long run and normally you end up heavier than you were. Just concentrating on the one, first meal of the day will I still good habits.

My aim here is not to give you a recipe that claims to dissipate the fat. I may put on some things I eat later, but the idea is to arm you with the choices that you can make and stick to in the long term. It’s more of a guideline.

Steps to take

1) Breakfast cereals contain too much sugar. Avoid these and anything with sugar, including bread.

2) Eat raw if possible

3) Drink plenty of water in the morning

4) Look for different recipes and if you don’t normally cook then at least try this meal.

5) Cut out the coffee.

For the rest of your day just eat like your normal routine. Just remember breakfast has to be right.











The different types of health


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If you are asked to define a healthy person, the image that generally springs to mind is someone lean without the visual beer belly and the fat tyre around the waist. It’s generally aesthetics; everything else doesn’t really come to mind, but it is more than meets the eye. To be healthy, adopting an holistic approach is wiser. Improving all aspects of health overall is a better alternative to just having a goal to see the numbers dropping on the scale.

Some of the main types of health you should focus on are,

  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Emotional health
  • Oral health
  • Social health
  • Spiritual health

All need further explanation, but the idea here is not to describe each in depth and address each in the form of a checklist. Rather, the point being made is to consider the change needed to the meaning we attach to words.

Humans have an innate ability to over simplify things (or in some cases the opposite). This is probably done to remember a great deal more or how the brain works to categorise information. So when you consider health we need to understand the multitude of attachments that go with the word.

Once you understand this you will begin to have a multidimensional approach to being the better you. Consider this, you’re inactive and decide that you are going to undertake a half hour run every day for better health. It may not actually be the smartest method to start. If your not enjoying the activity it may be detrimental to your emotional, social and mental health whilst benefiting you physically so what’s the point.

The mindset for good health

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The mindset to health is really what is needed to ensure that you are successful long term. What is being referred to here is not willpower or motivation, but the right attitude to ensure you don’t get back to that starting point.

This is done by not doing anything in particular, but having the vision of why you want to be healthy in the first place. Keeping in tune with the emotional content allows you to stay focused long term on yourself. What is not suggested is thinking about anything else but your desire to be healthy, rather having a thought in the back of your mind that you see the bigger picture and understand why you are on your journey. You don’t need to feel like you need to be highly motivated to stick to a plan, maybe that plan is just not for you.

Also, dwellings on a bad memory where you were possibly ridiculed, bullied or made to feel inferior, does not act as the motivator. The I’ll prove you wrong attitude. But, there is a split second feeling you get when you decide to turn the corner. This is what you need to tap into. This is when you realise, not that your worthless and a failure, rather, that your not the real you and the best version of yourself and that you will change. That is what you tell yourself and that is basically the mindset. You only need to carry that with you and that will ensure success.

If you think of the top athletes of any sport, you normally think they are more successful because they are committed and motivated in their respected fields much more than there counterparts. Which is somewhat true. However, what really separates them is the mindset they possess, that creates the continuous drive and that’s the tool to ensure success.

As you think, so shall you become-

Bruce Lee





Starting point


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‘I’ll start on a Monday, I’ll start after…, once I’ve finished this I’ll do it,’ and so on, the delay tactic. You convince yourself there is a special day like the start of a week or after an event that you will miraculously have more willpower than any other day to get started on your diet or exercise regime. You promise yourself that on this day all your vices will be left behind you’ll be a changed man. But, these statements are setting up pitfalls. What you should consider is why do you need to create a time or date to consider changing anything. This to me at least, sets you up to fail.

Consider this. Think of a swimming pool. In order to put your head down into the water for as long as possible, you prepare by taking a deep breath before immersing yourself into the water, guaranteeing that you will stay in longer than if you hadn’t had the extra air. You eventually burst out of the water to get the air needed. Similarities can be drawn to the waiting for a certain day because normally the day before the transformation you will purge out, convincing yourself this is the last day that you will do it. The deep breath. Also, it’s impossible to stay immersed in the water because your not a fish. You normally don’t last on the new diet or regime. You race to the sweets draw, the odd sin and then it’s back to the starting point.

The better way to approach it is to evolve rather than change. So grow gills rather than get the the extra air in your lungs. This will ensure you are comfortable in the water without needing to burst out in search for the much needed air. The first thing you should change therefore, is your mindset. I’m referring here to the mindset on how to be successful before even starting the race…



Why you should start to think about your health


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Whatever brought you here suggests that you are not really happy with how you are now and are ready to make a change. You are at the starting line, you just need to understand why, so let’s move on…

You could be given an endless list of reasons to convince you that being overweight is not good for you and an endless list of changes you need to implement in order to achieve better health. Job done. The truth, however, is different to these simplistic lists of problems and solutions that is created in the minds.

Real change will normally be implemented as a result of emotional content. It may be said you should do something about your health because of the endless list of reasons, but you never do because there is no emotion connected. Let me explain… In the movie The Nutty Professor, Eddie Murphy’s character, Sherman, who is overweight and conscious about his weight is ridiculed by Reggie, the comedian whilst on a date. This creates the emotion in Sherman. His response; in the subsequent scene he seen gorging on sugary foods and as he drifts of to sleep sees the premonition of himself dying and this coupled with the fact he was made to feel worthless whilst on the date with the women of his dreams creates the spark in him. It creates the emotional content, the drive. Now, in the subsequent scene he works tirelessly  creating the fat vanishing potion that results in him looking slim.  This is not what is being suggested, although it would be nice to have, you may be thinking.

Now, the point being made is you cannot create or read do’s and don’ts list and expect to follow it to reach a target weight or goal. It never works long-term. You need to actually find the drive within yourself, the true reason why you need to start to consider your health and take the proactive steps you need, because, only you will truly know. This will result in a long term success of what you set out to achieve.